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Lombok Best Surfing Spot and Way of Local Style to Enjoy the Waves

Our surf courses are suitable for beginner or intermediate level surfer between the age of 6 to 60 no matter if you are young or old, have never surfed or just had a few goes at it. And you’d like to learn or/and do more.

Mangsit surf school is the right school for your, not only do we provide surf lesson we also offer tour activities all around Lombok. check out affordable best rates type of lesson and tour schedule and start designing your surf lesson and tour with us.

If you wish to go for a short getaway with your family and friend our tour our surfing and tour is here to provide your relaxing weekend and life-changing experience.

Our Services

Apart from surfing, we also offer you many other holiday activities in Lombok, such as daily tour to 3 Gilis , waterfalls, south beaches, city tour, Gili nanggu honeymoon island, pink beach, Sasak tour, Rinjani trekking and komodo adventure.

Surfing Lesson

  • Join group price per person at IDR. 250,000 net.
  • Semi private max 4 people price per person at IDR 450,000 net.
  • Private class (2 Persons) at IDR. 550,000 net.
  • Boat rental at IDR. 100,000 net/person.

Local Boat  & Sailing Trips

  • North Lombok (3 Gilis : Trawangan, Air ,Meno) at IDR. 900,000 net
  • South West Lombok (Gili Nanggu,Sudak, Kedis, ringgit, Asahan, Layar) at IDR. 1,500,000 net.
  • South East Lombok (Gili Kondo or Pink Beach) at IDR. 1,700,000 net
  • Fishing Trip
  • Liveaboard

Day Trip

  • Sasak Tour at IDR. 880,000 net/car
  • Waterfall Tour, min 2 people at 1,200,000 net.
  • Rinjani Trekking (Join group at IDR. 2,025,000 net/person, semi private max 4 at IDR. 3,375,000 net/person. Private for 2 at IDR. 4,725,000 net/person.

Adventure Experience

  • Komodo Sailing  ( *Deck class at IDR. 3,300,000 net/person. * Cabin class at IDR. 3,800,000 net/person.

Mangsit Surf School Lombok